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For Employers

Since 2017, Clearview has made 324 placements into the workforce, averaging about 65 placements per year for the last 5 years.

We offer not just long-term employment opportunities, but follow-up support as well, including job coaching, assistance with re-training, workplace dynamics, and more.

A man in a navy uniform is explaining to a younger man how to do a job task.

Partnering with Clearview

Add motivated, reliable employees with no placement fee or training costs. Clearview staff refer the best employees to meet your needs.

Clearview’s services to employers:

  • We will pre-screen potential employees
  • Our vocational specialists provide on-the-job training customized to meet your employment needs
  • We’ll assist you in applying for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which can save salary costs
  • Clearview gives employees follow-up support
  • We act as a go-between to give job performance feedback and help employees improve

Let Clearview help you find the right person for the job!

What Clearview will do for your business:

  • Save recruiting and training time and money for employers
  • Provide reliable, pre-screened, productive employees
  • No fees for placements
  • Free on-site training provided
  • Reduced advertising costs

Contact Us

Contact us today to find out how Clearview can make your hiring process easier.

You can reach us at 360-750-7012 for general information.

If you have specific employment placement questions, please contact Paula Moore, Lead Employment Specialist, at 360-993-3103.

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