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Clearview Employment Services

Your source for motivated, reliable workers

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Employees in the manufacturing industry found their jobs through Clearview.
A female employee in the manufacturing industry works to assemble a proprietary device. She found her job through Clearview.
Employees in the nonprofit industry found their jobs through Clearview.

Visit the For Employers page or call 360-750-7012.

Our commitment to your business

We help people re-enter the workforce and make it easy for you, the employer, to hire and retain employees. We provide specialized training for our job candidates so they are ready to enter the workforce and immediately be productive. You pay no placement fees, and Clearview provides follow-up support to ensure our candidates meet your expectations.

By offering a work opportunity to a motivated individual, you’re getting a reliable worker, and you could even qualify for tax credits.

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The Clearview Advantage:

What we deliver for your business

We work with employers every step of the hiring process. Here’s what Clearview can do for your business:

  • We provide reliable, pre-screened, productive employees
  • We save you recruiting and training time and money
  • We ask no employee placements fees

“I think at one point or another we’ve placed people in jobs in just about every industry imaginable. Although we haven’t had anyone become an astronaut yet, we’re up for the challenge.”

Clearview’s Misty Pelagalli

Partnering with Clearview

Add motivated, reliable employees at no additional placement or training costs. Since 2017, Clearview has made 324 placements into the workforce, averaging about 65 placements per year for the last 5 years.

We offer not just long-term employment opportunities, but follow-up support as well, including job coaching, assistance with re-training, workplace dynamics, and more.

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